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The easiest way to build a beautiful webpage for your event
Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What are Events?

Events from Erly allow you to create, in just seconds, a beautiful webpage for your event that brings together event information, invitations, and a multimedia album.

How do I create a new Event?

Sign up for Erly (or log in if you already have an account). Once you're logged in, you will see a big "Create a new Event" button to the right of the Erly logo at the top of the page.

Invitations, Sharing, and Privacy

How do I invite guests to my Event?

You can invite guests to your Event by clicking the "Invite Guests" button displayed on the event page. You can invite people to join your event in two ways:
  1. Share the link to the Event with your guests via email or a social network. Anybody who visits the page will be able to RSVP with just their name and email address.
  2. Have Erly send email invitations to your guests so that they will be able to RSVP with just one click.

How do I share my Event with other people?

You can use share buttons on top of the event page to share your Event with others via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Who can see my Event?

Prior to the event, your Event is unlisted. Only people who you add to the guest list and people with whom you share the link to the event will be able to see it.

After the event, the Event will show up in the update feeds of your friends on Erly. However, private information (event decription and street address) will only be visible to people on the guest list for the event.

What privacy settings can I set for my Event?

You can set the following privacy settngs for your Event:
  • Hide the guest list: the names of people on the guest list will only be visible to you.
  • Don't allow guests to invite other guests: only guests you invite will be able to RSVP to the event.
  • Password-protect event details: only people with the password will be able to view the event details.

Event Albums

What are Event Albums?

Every Event from Erly comes with a built-in multimedia album where event guests can post photos, videos, stories, and links from an event in a beautiful layout.

Who can contribute the Event album?

Everyone on the Event guest list can post photos, videos, stories, and links to the Event album.

What are the different actions available to the Event host and Event guests?

The Event host is the person who originally created the event page. They can add, edit, or remove their posts as well as posts added by other contributors. The Event host is the only person who is able to change the Event title and other details, modify the Event’s privacy settings, or delete the Event.

Event guests have the ability to add items and swap their positions. They can edit and remove their own items but not those of others.

How do I add photos from my phone or through email?

You can easily add photos to any of your Events by sending them to Include the name of the Event in the subject line and ensure you're using an email address you have registered with Erly. If you do not include a subject line, we will automatically add the photo to the album of the last Event you created.


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