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The easiest way to build a beautiful webpage for your event

Erly is a new social platform for organizing and sharing your personal content.

Everyday, people create and consume increasing amounts of personal life content, such as status updates, check-ins, and photos. Most social products organize this personal data around people with a friend graph that consists of individual profile pages, and shared content is specific to the person instead of an event or experience as a whole.

At Erly, we organize content by first creating canonical event pages within which we map people, time, and locations. This experience graph is inspired by the way the human mind often recalls what, when, and where just as often as we remember who. In publicly organized resources like Wikipedia, events and people exist at the same level of prominence, and we want to bring that to people's personal lives as well. Overall, we believe that an experience graph can help connect people to each other and their vast amounts of personal data in new, unique, and valuable ways.

Our development approach is inspired by a studio publishing model where we will release a portfolio of products and services (instead of a single application) that each address a targeted customer scenario. Each product will leverage a common backend platform and will all be built on top of our global experience graph.

Our current product, built on this framework, is Events, and it is built on top of our first product Collections which were shared albums for shared experiences. Events from Erly allow users to quickly and easily build a beautiful webpage for their event. These Event pages combine event details, invitations, guest lists, and multimedia albums, everything a person would need to plan, document, and remember an event. Erly Events give the important moments in your life a permanent home and allow your digital memories to be discovered and shared instead of buried in hard drives, emails, and feeds.

We plan to continue to evolve Events to make it more and more useful. We also plan to release additional products early and often.


Eric Feng is Founder and CEO. Prior to Erly, he was a Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, where he focused on greentech, consumer internet, and digital media investments. Before that, he was the founding CTO and SVP of the Audience Business at Hulu through the acquisition of Mojiti, a video annotation company he started in Beijing. Eric's past experience also includes technology leadership roles at Microsoft, Microsoft Asia, and Trilogy Software. Eric graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

Andrew Lin is a founding member of the Erly team, where he serves as the Vice President of Engineering. Prior to founding Erly, Andrew was CTO at Catchafire, a for-profit social enterprise. Before that, Andrew served as VP of Platform and Technology at Hulu, where he led all technology development efforts. His past experience also includes several years as a Group Program Manager and Development Lead on the IIS web server team at Microsoft. Andrew graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. and Master of Engineering in Computer Science.

Eugene Wei is a founding member of the Erly team, where he serves as the Vice President of Product. Prior to founding Erly, Eugene was SVP of Audience and Head of Product Management at Hulu, where he was responsible for product, user acquisition, design, and customer service. Before that, he spent seven years at in a variety of leadership roles across the company. Eugene graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and B.A. in English and also studied in the graduate directing program at UCLA Film School.


We are always looking for talented people, especially developers and designers. Please send us your resume at

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